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While in Nevada ascertain a slight drop in revenue from the gambling industry, the Senate of Indiana is trying to “quietly” to expand gambling opportunities of the state.


 1. Indiana expands the gaming industry 2 Income from gambling Nevada did not keep up with the performance of sports betting

 Indiana expands the gaming industry

 Specialized media reported that legislators do not try to focus on the empowerment of the gambling industry the state has prescribed in the approved by the Senate Law. Eyewash bill uses the vague description of “the ability to use existing state assets.”

 The idea is to avoid the publicity of controversial measures approved by a public authority. However, the chances of success are slim: the law has already attracted the attention of parliamentarians Brian Bosma, who expressed a wish for their reduction.

 Among other things, legislators propose to expand the sphere of influence of the floating casino and allow gambling establishments located on land. Under the provisions of the bill, two gambling facilities Majestic Star I and Majestic Star II will be allowed to change the place of deployment – from Lake Michigan to the land. However, Congress may require additional licensing for the project.

 If this happens, the process may be delayed because of the contentious move casino on land.

 Revenue from gambling Nevada did not keep up with the performance of sports betting

 Council of Gambling Control of Nevada has provided data showing that revenue from gambling in January totaled $ 984.5 million, which is 3% less than in January last year, and 1.5% less than was received in December.

 The Las Vegas Strip gambling revenue from operations decreased by 4% to $ 532.2 million. On the whole, the category table and card games revenue decreased to $ 326 million by 9.3%.

 Income from sports betting amounted to $ 497 million, breaking all possible records. For comparison, income from sports betting New Jersey was $ 385 million.

 Recall that in Nevada there will be seven new gambling facilities.

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